Follow your heart, it is the compass of your Soul

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I love to share my Light and that of the Light Worlds with you, so that you can also shine your light!

Crystal Angel Essences by Cathelijne Filippo

Crystal Angel Essences

Crystal Angel Essences are powerful aura and room sprays made of gemstone elixers and attuned to archangels, angels, light beings and mystical animals.

Dragon Oracle by Cathelijne Filippo

Dragon Oracle

These dragon oracle cards will help you attune to the archetypes and wisdom of the dragons and the wisdom within yourself.

About Cathelijne

Cathelijne is writer and publisher. She creates angel sculptures, angel essences, gives workshops, consultations, readings and healings.

Follow your heart, it is the compass of your Soul

  • Would you like to shine your true Light?
  • Do you want to raise your vibration and contribute to the New Earth?
  • Would you like to live from your heart and Soul?
  • Do you wish to live your Soul purpose?

 Then I am here to help.

We are all Souls of Light in a human body. We are on this Earth to learn, experience, grow and share. If you want to work on the above mentioned goals, you need not do this alone. Everyone has one or more guardian angels and a spiritual guide team. This team of angels, guides and beings of Light will help you embody your Soul Goals.

I would love to help you to connect to these helpers Light, as well as to connect to your own Soul. When you do, your true path will become more clear to you. As such, it will become easier to be true to your Soul. That way you will start to live from Light, love and joy.


I love to help and inspire you with this by means of:

Bright Blessings,


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