2016 Angel Reading

Dia1Would you like to know what themes await you in 2016? Would you like to dedicate 2016 to self-development, transformation and soul growth? Then you may want to order a 2016 angel reading to inspire you for the year to come!

Many people enjoyed the angel year readings that I have been making for 2012 and the following years and most view it as a spiritual map of sorts to navigate the waters of those years. The same is possible for 2016 with the 2016 angel reading (sent by mail or as PDF). It will help you with your spiritual development in the year to come. In this reading you will get information about the coming year.

Content of the reading

It contains about 10-12 pages of a document with:

  • Information about the themes in 2016 for all of us
  • The Crystal Oversoul which you can work on your wellbeing and growth in 2016
  • The Crystal Angel Essence and its theme this year brings for you the main theme.
  • An Angel Tarot card for each month of the coming year.

I strive to do the reading to you within 14 days after payment. In the case of a waiting period I will let you know about this beforehand.

You can place an order in the webshop. Then please also send an email to info@angellightheart.com that includes your name, date of birth and a recent photo.

I will then send you an invoice and do your reading within 1-2 weeks after payment