About Cathelijne

I am Cathelijne. I am the founder of Angel Light Heart® and I love to share my Light and that of the Light worlds with you, so that you can shine your own Light. We can all make the shift from 3D to 5D consciousness. this is a change from fear to unconditional love, from separateness to unity consciousness. As I walk this path, I love coaching others to do the same, inspiring them through my work.

Cathelijne Filippo, founder of Angel Light HeartI am spiritual, creative and empathetic, and I love to combine the spiritual with the practical, to make it applicable in daily life. This filters through in the way I offer coaching, healing, readings, as well as in my writings, art and the essences that I create.

Move beyond your challenges

I see myself as a wounded healer. The challenges on my own path have given me great insights into the blocks we may experience when striving to shine our Light. We are all incarnated Souls that are here to grow, learn, share and experience. I love to help you to move beyond  your challenges and work on your Soul Growth, So that you can raise your vibration and ultimately your inner joy. I do this in a spiritual and creative, but also in a solution-oriented way.

I have been interested in spirituality from my teenage years, but started my professional life in the mental health care field before moving to my current spiritual work. This, I have been trained as a clinical and health psychologist, cognitive behavioral therapist, solution-oriented therapist and mindfulness therapist.

In addition to this scientific background, I have been immersed in spiritual development since I was young. From this interest I learned reiki I, II and III, Bach flower therapy and Angel therapy coaching, Angelic Reiki and working with the Ascended Masters. I am a member of the Angelic Reiki Association and have been trained in London by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine as Certified Angel Card Reader.

Working with the angels

My Lightwork began during my years at University, when I connected to Archangel Michael and began to channel him. My spiritual work very much focused on working with the angels at the start. This work has since then grown to include working with many different energies of Light, such as ascended masters, dragon guides, unicorn guides and Lemurian guides.

As a true gemini, I share the inspiration from all these beings of Light in many different ways: through art, coaching, healing, workshops and my publications. I create sculptures, drawings, and essences, but I also activate crystals. On this site you will find everything I do and all my products can be found in the webshop.

Why Angel Light Heart®?

The name of my business expresses my work with the angels through my heart to bring more Light into the world. This now encompasses other beings of Light as well. They are here help you to help you shine your Light and truly live from your heart. That is necessary if you really want to step into your power and live from 5D consciousness.

We all contain a Divine Spark. This can be dimmed, or it can powerfully radiate out from us. In my work I look beyond limitations to the potential within each person

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