Angel Readings

602541_10151243402886385_1176341579_nWould you like insight and guidance on your spiritual journey?

The Angels guide us when we ask them to. They can send us signs and insights. Using oracle decks is a way to open up to their gentle nudging.

As such the readings will bring you insights, confirmation and are solution focused. They are not meant to solve your problems for you as that would prevent your Soul from growing, nor am I a medium that will tell you what will happen when. After all, you have free will and can be a co-creator in your own life.

Instead my readings are Soul affirming and invite you to make positive changes on your spiritual path. There are many readings to choose from; angel readings, fairy readings, unicorns readings, dragon readings and Atlantis readings. You can find all the readings you can currently choose from in the webshop.

I have been trained by Doreen Virtue in London and am a Certified Angel Card Reader and Earth Angel Realm Reader.

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