Birth Angel

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Are you or a loved one expecting a baby? Are you going to be a mum, dad, aunt, uncle orgrandparent soon? Or would you like to gift a child or your inner child a precious, personalized present? Than the Birth Angel is just the thing! It is also a lovely and encouraging gift for those experiencing a rebirth of some kind.

The Birth Angel holds a childlike energy and carries a gemstone heart fitting with the child’s astrological sign. The colours on its wings fir the astrological signs as well and the child’s name will be painted in glaze on the body of the angel. During the process of creating the angel, it is sprayed with Crystal Angel Essence ” guardian angel”, which strengthens the connection to one’s guardian angel.

The sculpture comes with a description of the Birth Angels connected to the zodiac sign as well as a description of the gemstone.


The price includes glaze and gemstone. A Healing Heart Angel of this size and finish comes at 97 euro, but the Birth Angel has a children’s price of 88 euro (postage excluded).Birth Angels are uniquely handmade and come between 15 and 20 cm.

How to order

2013-12-06 14.50.10To order a birth Angel, please email me and include the full name of the child, whether it is a

boy or a girl and the date of birth. A photo comes in handy as well. I will then send an invoice and after payment the work starts. As soon as the angel is done, it takes 3 weeks to dry. As soon as there are enough angels to fill the kiln, it is fired. After that it is glazed and fired once more.

Therefore delivery after order takes between 4 and 12 weeks. If needed, a PDF can be sent with a short description which can then be given as a present during a baby shower. Another option is for me to make a gift voucher card and send it to you or the recipient for an extra 3 euros.