We all want to flourish and be happy. You thrive when you live from your Soul and your heart. Through my sessions I aim to coach you so can you shine your Light and live your Soul Purpose.

Integrated approach

As an angel therapy coach, psychologist and solution-focused therapist, I gladly help you on your (spiritual) path. I combine psychological and spiritual techniques. I bring the two together in a solution-oriented coaching where we focus on you, your questions and your values. The angels, and other Beings of Light can be invoked to support and guide the process.

Do you recognise one or more of these issues in your own life?

  • You want to incorporate spirituality into your daily life, but do not know how
  • You want practice more self love and self care
  • You wish to live in a more balanced way
  • You find it hard to cope with being highly sensitive
  • You tend to worry too much
  • You have too much going on, feeling stretched to your limit
  • You feel that you are not living your full potential

Then I can certainly help you further.


I adapt my work methods to what you need and what suits you and your questions and goals.

These methods include:

  • solution-oriented therapy
  • mindfulness based therapy
  • heart coherence
  • making use of neuroplasticity to set up net patterns of thought, belief, behaviour and Being
  • angel therapy techniques, such as cutting cords with Archangel Michael and transforming those things that no longer serve you with the violet flame of archangel Zadkiel
  • visualisation
  • use of oracle cards to gain insight into life questions
  • angel essences may be added to treatment for additional support

Please email me for an appointment. Payment is made via the webshop, click button. 

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