Crystal Angel Essences

Crystal Angel Essences are gemstone elixirs that are attuned to the archangels, angels, Light beings and mystical animals. They are a powerful support on your spiritual path and bring deep awareness and spiritual growth.

These essences raise your vibration and therefore contribute to the ascension process.

Use of the essences

You can use the essences as an aura spray. By spraying or combing it into your aura, things brings the energy of the angels and Light beings into your aura. Equally you can use them to increase the energetic vibration in a room. You can use them for a healing crystal bath or to attune spiritual tools and art.

You will find more information about the essences and their use in the PDF below:

Information sheet about working with Crystal Angel Essences

You can also print the overview with the workings of all the Archangel Essences:

CAE Archangel Essences Overview

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Attuned personalised essences

It is also possible to order a personalised essence. These essences are specifically mixed to help you with whatever it is you need assistance with. When ordering you are to send me a photo and your intention for the essence. I then energetically connect to you and your intention and select the perfect combination of essences. This mix is then further attuned to you and your needs.

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