faerydoorsDid you ever see a faery? Walked upon one on a dewy morning or moonlit night?
The Faery World runs through ours for those with eyes to see. The key to unlock the secrets of this world is to be found in your heart.
Open your heart to the faeries and welcome them into your garden or home with a real faery door! 

Faerydoors are playful works of art to invite the world of faery into your life and …garden (though get them inside before it starts to freeze outside as they are slightly fragile).

There are usually some left for sale, so feel free to enquire about them through mailing me.
But, wouldn’t it be extra special to order a customized piece? Prizes can be found below and you can request certain colours or symbols (for instance special rune signs posted on the faerydoor).

A soft whisper in the wind
Giggling gurgles in a stream
Do you hear? Do you see?
Not all is as it seems

Little spirits of earth, wind, water and fire
Guardians of nature
Sparkles of pure desire
That is what faeries are for

Do you want to meet them?
Make them feel at home
Plant a beautiful garden
That they can call their home

Be kind to all that lives
Open your heart to nature
You and the faeries will thrive
When you care for the future

And then when you knock
A tiny door will open
To the Little Folk
As long as you leave your heart wide open


Prices Faerydoors (incl. VAT, excl postage)

Unglazed  25 euro

Glazed      40 euro

Feel free to order by sending an email with your wishes and address to info@angellightheart.com.