Feng Shui Angels

Want to uplift the energy in your house or office? Feng Shui Angels combine the high vibrational energy with the special application of Feng Shui Crystals. 

Feng Shui

2013-12-08 13.35.42Feng Shui is the Chinese art that works with the principle that everything that surrounds us exists of energy (Chi). Using Feng Shui helps the chi to flow again in our homes, offices and live. Through Feng Shui, we can better our environment energetically. The energy then flows  smoothly. This is accomplished through Feng Shui insights and applications. The Feng Shui Crystal is such an application.

Feng Shui Crystals

2013-12-08 13.39.56When a you hang a so-called Feng Shui or Rainbow Crystal in a window this creates beautifulrainbows in the room when the sun shines through it. This activates the flow of energy and this brings in rays of healing light.

I have combined the high vibrations of the angels with the healing powers from the Feng Shui in the Feng Shui Angels.

How to use these pendants

Hang the Angel in front of a window. Make sure that at some point during the day direct sunlight shines through this window, so that the rainbow crystals van catch the light and bring magical rainbows into the room.

The angels themselves are sprayed with the aura spray of Divine Alchemy (All Angels) and Crystal Angel Essences (Archangel Michael for protection). They are charged with Angelic Reiki and thus increase the energy in the room.


I always have some Feng Shui Angel pendants for sale, but you can also commission them and have them custom made.

Feng Shui Angels are 25 euro’s, postage excluded.