Goddess Sculptures

healing goddess sculpturesYou can now order a personalized Healing Goddess Sculpture. This will help you bring in the Divine Feminine.

These are changing times. In order for the new to come in we are challenged to connect our minds with our hearts. The focus on the masculine needs to be balanced by bringing in the feminine.

By balancing these aspects within ourselves we are helping the planet as a whole in balancing the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies. Many are awakening to the archetype of the Goddess. The Goddess is the feminine aspect of the Creator and her characteristics are that of the loving, compassionate, receptive, introspective and creative woman.

Energy of the sculpture

Before I make the sculpture I tune into you (this requires a photograph) and you can let me know which qualities you wish the sculpture to convey, such as grounding, healing, self-love etc.



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