Guardian angels are both angel statues and angelic pots. These sculptures are dedicated toBewaarengel blauw kl working with angels. You can use the guardian angel in several ways:

  • Write down your worries and trust it to the angel. A good time to do this is before the full moon, since the energy of the full moon helps you let go of what no longer serves you. Make sure you destroy the paper after a few days.
  • Write down what you want to attract into your life. What do you manifest? Write this in the present tense, as if it is already there and give it to the angel. The best time for this is the new moon, because this is a good time to plant new seeds.
  • Write down your prayers and trust it to the angel.
  • Use the angel pot to store white feathers or other angel signs you have received.

Make sure you empty the /guardian Angel regularly and keep an eye on what is currently important to let go of/ to attract or to pray about.

I always have some Guardian Angels for sale, but you can always commission a custom made piece.

Feel free to email me at for more information or to order.


As clay shrinks during the drying and baking process, it is impossible to predict the actual size, therefore I have scales with fixed prices. My latest prices for a white (unglazed) angel are (including attunement and spiritual message and VAT, excluding postage):

-15 cm 66 euroHanielGuardian kl

15- 20 cm 88 euro

20-25 cm 99 euro

25- 30 cm 111euro

30- 35 cm 122 euro

You can choose a range and height range you want the work to be and that is the price we set (in some instances the work turns out slightly bigger). Depending on where you are in the world postage is added. Payment is done before the work on the commission is started. For those who like it, I keep them updated about the process, for instance with a photo of the drying sculpture.

Should you want the angel to be glazed this is only possible up to 30 cm and costs 15 euro extra, as the sculpture needs to be glazed and then fired once more. For those who want the angel to carry a crystal heart, this is possible too.

A crystal heart is added for only 5 euro.