Healing Heart Angels

A sculpture for healing and spiritual growthhealing-heart-angel-9

Healing Heart Angels are one of a kind sculptures made especially for you. You can give input and tell me what you want the Healing Heart Angel to portray.

Examples are:

  • an angel to acting as a reminder of the importance of self-love
  • an angel to welcome a grandchild into the world an angel to portray protection for a sick loved one.
  • There have been healing heart angels for self love, love, strength, a soul mate relationship and to strengthen the connection to the Higher Self. You can decide for yourself what it is you need in your life to become whole and happy.

The process of making the angel especially for you

healing-heart-angel-37Once I have received the information about what the angel should help with, it is easiest when I have a picture of the person at hand. Before starting the sculpture I meditate and I ask my Higher Self and guardian angel to connect to the higher Self and angel of the other person. Sometimes a symbol comes to mind, such as with the person who needed to be reminded to love herself. I saw a double heart. And later on she was amazed as she used that symbol in her meditation. If nothing at all comes up I pick an angel card for inspiration. Usually during the process of sculpting little messages for the person come through, which I write down and send together with the angel in a “spiritual message”.  

High vibrational sculptures

Before drying I infuse the sculpture with some angel aura spray. Then it needs to dry three weeks. Depending on how many artworks are drying it takes some time to fill the kiln completely. It fires between 900 and a 1000 degrees Celsius. When the sculpture is finished I attune it to Angelic Reiki.


As clay shrinks during the drying and baking process, it is impossible to predict the actual size, therefore I have scales with fixed prices. My latest prices for a white (unglazed) angel are (including attunement and spiritual message and VAT, excluding postage):

-15 cm 66 euro

15- 20 cm 88 eurohealing-heart-angel-28

20-25 cm 99 euro

25- 30 cm 111 euro

30- 35 cm 122 euro

You can choose a range and height range you want the work to be and that is the price we set (in some instances the work turns out slightly bigger). Depending on where you are in the world postage is added. Payment is done before the work on the commission is started. For those who like it, I keep them updated about the process, for instance with a photo of the drying sculpture.

Should you want the angel to be glazed this is only possible up to 30 cm and costs 15 euro extra, as the sculpture needs to be glazed and then fired once more. For those who want the angel to carry a crystal heart, this is possible too.

A crystal heart is added for only 5 euro for the two smallest sizes and 7,50 euro for the bigger angels.


Postage prices

Current postage for secure packages up to 2 kilograms (this suffices for at least all angels up till 30 cm) are:

Within the Netherlands: 8,60 euro

Outside of the Netherlands:       0 – 2 kg          2 – 5 kg6903p1850t937q1vj71mau1hcs9c51lso1

EUR 1                                      € 14,60          € 21,14

EUR 2                                      € 20,15          € 26,65

EUR 3                                      € 20,95          € 27,95

World                                      € 25,95          € 35,95

EUR 1: Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark (excluding. Faeroe Islands and Greenland), Germany, France, Italy (excluding. San Marino and Vatican City), Austria, Spain (excluding Canary Islan

healing-heart-angel-1ds), UK (excluding. Gibraltar and Channel Islands), Sweden

EUR 2: Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Hongaria, Ireland, Let land, Litouwen, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slowakije, Czech Republic

EUR 3: Albania, Andorra, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Canary Islands, Cyprus, Faeroe Islands, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Iceland, Channel Islands, Kroatia, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Malta,Moldavia, Montenegro, Norway, Ukraine, San Marino, Serbia Turkey, Vatican city, White-Russia, Switzerland World: All other countries.

Conditions of delivery

74889664Once the sculpture is ordered it is usually made within 2-3 weeks. The drying process takes a further 3 weeks. Once the kiln is full, it is fired and after that the package is sent your way. You will be kept up to date during this process. time between ordering and receiving the sculpture varies (depending on the amount of orders pending) between 4-10 weeks. when the order is needed sooner (within 4 weeks), the kiln can be fired for the work alone, at an additional cost of 20 euros.

How to order

you can order your very own Healing Heart Angel (or gift one to someone) by sending me an email to info@angellightheart.com with your request (size, glaze, heart and the angel qualities needed), your address and a photo. I will then send you an invoice. I start sculpting after the payment has been sent. You can pay through international bank transfer and pay pal.