Do you want to work towards your healing? Are you in need of more balance and wellbeing? Then a healing session can be a welcome support.

Finding your balance again

We all strive for balance, as do our bodies. However, we are more than a physical body. We have a four-body system consisting of a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. All these bodies are interconnected and imbalance can occur in each of them, which often effects the other levels.

Interconection between body, mind and soul

An example: someone does not live his true Soul Purpose. The soul knows this and this is shown in the spiritual body. From time to time thoughts arise of missing true fulfilment. When this is not acted upon, unrest arises in the emotional body. Perhaps this person develops depression or is often angry or anxious and stressed. This stress impacts the physical body. Stress blocks healthy immune functioning and thus makes room for disease.

Working from the spiritual level

In the ways of healing that I apply, the healing energy primarily focuses on the spiritual layer, in order to ensure a restoration of the balance, which can then trickle through to the other levels. As such we work on the energetic levels of things, which is always at the core of our physical experiences.

Healing energy & guidance of angels, unicorns and other Light beings

I call in the help of the angels (in the case of Angelic Reiki and starbursts) or of the unicorns (in the case of unicorn blessings and unicorn healing). In both cases, these Light Beings guide the healing and I make sure that this energy can flow to you from a distance. Under their guidance, there may be healing for a previous life, for example, or Ascended masters may come in to offer support. Every healing is unique.

Intention and contact

We connect before the healing, to talk through the issues you are dealing with and your intention for the healing. Afterwards we connect once more to exchange experiences and insights that came up during the healing.
If you are in doubt as to what the best form is for you, feel free to email me.


Healing sessions at Angel Light Heart are no substitute for medical and psychological care, but can certainly be in addition to them.

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