Intuitive angel drawing

An intuitive angel drawing connects you more deeply to your angel(s).2014-02-07 18.25.01

When ordering, you can send your photograph to and if you have a question to your angels, I incorporate this in the process. I ask my higher Self to connect to your Higher Self. Then I ask my guardian angel to connect to your (guardian) angel.

I am then guided to draw the shapes and colours that come to me.

Angels are androgynous beings. They are made of pure Light energy. Yet they often show themselves to us as male or female to suit our individual needs. zafiel - engel van laila mSometimesthey give me a name to communicate to you.

The colours used also have a special meaning for you. As such the drawing reflects your spiritual development and the needs you have at the time the drawing is made.

Price: 25 euro, postage excluded.

I usually make the drawing within 1 to 2 weeks. If I need more time, I will let you know in advance

Would you like to see more of the intuitive angel drawings? Then please visit my Pinterest!

2014-02-17 16.02.25Intuitieve Engel Daniel2014-02-21 23.32.47