Are you a merperson? Do you feel a strong connection to the ocean and sea? Or do yous

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imply love mermaids? Then a merangel sculpture could be a lovely gift to yourself!

Doreen Virtue has research many types of Earth Angels. Merpeople and merangels are amongst these. Doreen describes them as follows :

  • They often live close to water, love mermaids and dream of being mermaids.
  • They often have long hair with red hues in it, often times with a wave like structure.
  • Most merpeople have some green in their eyes.
  • Many are often thirsty and cold.

Many merpeople have memories of Atlantis and Lemuria. They often love dolphins, whales and other sea creatures. 2014-05-14 19.46.45

When reading Doreen’s book on Earth Angels I immediatly recognized the Incarnated Angel type and resonated deeply with it. At the same time some of the merangels characteristics apply to me as well. I often dream about dolphins and whales and I look for them on my journeys abroad. When I feel down or poorly, a walk on the beach will always make me feel better. Also, I feel a strong connection to Atlantis and mediums have told me about my lives there, one of which was in the Temple of Poseidon where I worked with the cetaceans. During my meditations I change into a mermaid from time to time.

As such I love making merangel sculptures. It is almost like they come to life by magic. You can order a custommede merangel for 88 euro, including glazen and gemstone.

You can read more about the time it takes to make them and the cost of shipment on the page about Healing Heart Angels.

Feel free to email me at for more information or to order.

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You can also order on my etsy shop.

Earth Angels van Doreen Virtue
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