Ceramic goddess by Cathelijne Filippo


My Goddess art helps you to embrace the Divine Feminine. We live in  times of change. In order to build a New Earth together, it is of great importance to welcome back the Divine Feminine into our lives and to balance it with the Divine Masculine. Only when both have their place, balance, harmony and peace can prevail.

Magic wand by Cathelijne Filippo

Magic wands

Magic wands are wonderful spiritual tools to amplify your intentions, contribute to your spiritual practice & rituals, and connect you to the magical realms.

Heart angels by Cathelijne Filippo


Angel art helps you to more easily connect to your angels. It raises the vibration in the room as all angel sculptures are infused with Crystal Angel Essences and attuned to Angelic Reiki.

Fairy door by Cathelijne Filippo


Faery art connects you to the elemental beings and their playful energy. It helps you to reconnect to nature, your inner magic, creativity and manifestation abilities. 

Unicorn by Cathelijne Filippo


Unicorn art connects you to the pure and loving energy of the unicorns. They bring you the Light Codes of Love and Oneness and help you live from the highest integrity of your Soul.

Dragon eggs by Cathelijne Filippo


Dragon art connects you to the powerful Light energy of the dragons. It can also help you to call in the help of your dragon guides.

Dragon pendant by Cathelijne Filippo


I love creating mystical jewellery. These sacred objects help you to focus your spiritual intentions.

Intuitive drawings