Angel art helps you to more easily connect to your angels.

We all have angels with us

We are all born with a guardian angel by our side. Our guardian angel knows our deepest dreams and goals. This angel oversees the life lessons our Soul chose for this incarnation. Guardian angels protect us and help us walk our Soul Path. Sometimes that path is easy and at other times more challenging.

In addition to your guardian angel, different angels can help with specific themes at certain times of your life.

Working together with angels

In addition to these angels who work with us on the individual level, there are many angels who act as intermediaries between the Divine and the creation. They hold special energies and perform Cosmic tasks. The most well known of these, are the archangels. We can call on them when working on certain themes. For instance, you can call on Archangel Zadkiel for transformation, archangel Raphael for healing and Archangel Michaƫl when you are a Light worker and wish to step into you power and live your Divine Blueprint.

Personalised angel art

I absolutely love creating angel sculptures and drawings. I especially love to make customized angel art, attuned to you and your higher intentions.

High vibrational sculptures

All angel sculptures are attuned to angelic vibration by infusing them with Crystal Angel Essences and with Angelic Reiki.

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