Dragon art connects you to the powerful Light energy of the dragons.

Angelic beings of Cosmic fire

More and more people are attracted to the energy of dragons. Dragons are archetypes, but are also seen as sacred, angelic beings that carry cosmic fire. The dragons I work with come from the 5th and higher dimensions. They can support you on your spiritual path and contribute to your personal strength, well-being and healing.

Passion to live your dreams

Dragons bring you the fire to live your passion and pursue your dreams. They help you to truly stand in your power as a spiritual being in a human body.

Dragons help with Light work

Dragons also assist us when we are doing Light work. Perhaps not surprising, as the ley lines, which are the energy lines on Earth, have also been called dragon lines. When you want to contribute to the healing of the Earth or when you want to work with the crystalline 5D grid around the earth, the dragons are great guides and allies.

Dragon art connects you to your dragon guide(s)

Many people who bought dragon sculptures and dragon eggs, found it helped them to connect to their dragon guide(s). Dragon art opens you to the Light of the dragons.


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