Faery art connects you to the elemental beings and their playful energy. It helps you to reconnect to nature, your inner magic, creativity and manifestation abilities.

Guardians of nature

The faeries and other elementals are the guardians of nature and they are also called nature angels. They are also connected to the elements. For that reason they are sometimes called elementals or elemental beings. These nature angels do not have physical bodies. They work in the metaphysical realms. They differ from the heavenly angels, in the sense that celestial angels are not connected to the earth and therefore have no ego, while the nature angels are connected to the earth and as such have an ego. Their vibration is more material than that of the angels, you could say that it is ‘lower’ than that of the angels.Their ego shows in their fierce protectiveness of nature. They will scan you to see if you are treating nature well, before they connect to you and come to your aid.

Caring for nature

Faeries and other elemtnals like to show themselves to people with a heart for nature and the environment. They will be happy to work with you for that reason. When you work with them, they can also help you manifest and bring abundance. For them all that lives in nature is a brother and sister, as are the animals. If you have the same vision, you will be able to connect with them easily.

Faery qualities

Faeries help you to connect more deeply with nature and your own body, which is a part of nature. They will also being playfulness, music, beauty and magic.

You can bring some of that magic into your own life through faery art.


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