A reading can be a wonderful support when you have have questions about your life path. Are you looking for insight into the next steps on your journey of personal and spiritual development?

Connecting to your Higher Self and Spirit Guide Team

During my readings, I tune into to your Higher Self and your angels (or other guides and Light Beings from your spirit guide team) to give you those insights you need to take positive steps on your life path and spiritual path.

Insights to get started

I am NOT a medium and therefore will not make predictions about the future or make choices for you. Instead, I will give you insight into themes and energies that are at play in your life. These insights give you direction and help you take new steps on your journey.

Why choose a reading with me?

As a spiritual psychologist, I view oracle cards as insightful tools that can help you on your path. On the one hand they give you clarity about your own patterns and on the other hand they can also bring in guidance from the Light worlds. In this way a reading can offer deep spiritual insights and awareness, as well as practical help for your everyday life.

I have learned to give readings when I was trained as an Angel Therapy Coach here in The Netherlands. I was also trained to become Certified Angel Tarot Card Reader by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.

Readings to choose from

You will find all the different readings on offer in the webshop and can order them here >>>

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