Testimonials on my products and services are always a great pleasure to receive. You can read a few of them on this page.

Testimonials about Angel Birthday E-readings

“For my birthday I gave myself the gift of a Birthday Reading from Cathelijne. It was and still is a lovely gift which gives me new insights every time I read through it again.”

“I admire Cathelijne’s ability to clearly commuinicate the messages from the different card decks that she is using. She does this in a loving, sensitive way which is inspring and uplifting. Her words are always encouraging and energizing, and even the challenge card is being put in a positive light because she is rightfully pointing out, that with growth comes challenges. And this in turn makes it much easier to work WITH the challenge, knowing that these are “just” lessons to be learnt which in turn will help our growth again, instead of resisting it.”

“I like to read through this reading about once a month, and it is fun to look back at the past few month since my birthday and look at the cards that Cathelijne had pulled for me for that time period. It is quite amazig and enlightning.”

“What I also would like to point out is, that Cathelijne does her work with a lot of care and love and this really transcends into it. I can highly recomend this reading, knowing it will assist many more on their path.”


“I received my first “Birthday Reading” through email which was such just lovely! It was unlike anything I have received in the past and is much more than an “Astrological Reading.”

“Cathelijne put so much work into it’s creation with the help of the Angels and Archangels. The lay out and description are so precise beginning with an overall view of the year. I was not aware that my ruling planet had an Angel attached to it, nor was it known we each have an Angel representing our sign, guiding our hearts and helping us with decisions that we can call upon anytime.”

“She draws a card for “This year’s theme,” then “This years challenge” and “This years gift”. She then draws a card for each month. All scanned in full colour with a complete message. The reading then becomes month by month with a different card and message for each month. Each of the messages have made perfect sense with all that has occurred while this year continues to unfold and has been a great help and support. For instance this month message is, “Easy Does It” from Archangel Raphael. I have been doing just that, allowing for time to heal and recover from the challenges that many of us have faced over the last few months. Thank you so much Cathelijne for the time and work you put into this beautiful Birthday Reading!”


Testimonials About Crystal Angel Sprays

“Cathelijne and Sabines ‘Crystal Angel Essences’ arrived in perfect time, completely sealed and protected. I was guided to begin with Archangel Michael for extra protection and to help settle my nervous system which was taxed due to the energies in my current living situation.”

“I began each night by spraying it on my tongue for a good night’s sleep. A couple of days later, I experienced what we believe was a process of detoxification which included headaches and flu like symptoms. Those feelings cleared up within a few days. Drinking water and walking outside in nature helped greatly. I then used it as an Aura Spray, allowing the mist to fall over my Crown Chakra and then the rest of my body. The only way to describe in words are, a powerful feeling of warmth and protection. When my cats were feeling the intense energies a couple of weeks before 11-11-11, I sprayed the room they were in and it calmed them right down.”

“A week later the Unicorns gave me a sign after seeing the name “uncorn” appear on the license plate of a car that drove past me! Cathelijne assured me that they were letting me know it was time to use their essence. Feelings of fatigue continued of and on. While I have not used it on my tongue yet, started using the essence as an Aura Spray before doing some house work. Well, the energy boost that followed was incredible. I have used it often since then and can feel their divine presence and protection surrounding me as well. Thank you Unicorns and Archangel Michael for your love, guidance and protection. AND thank you Cathelijne and Sabine for creating these magnificent sprays. They are wonderful tools to help during this incredible time of transition we are walking through and beyond.”


Testimonals about Healing Heart Angels

“When I saw Cathelijne’s Healing Heart Angels a year ago on her website, I so wished to purchase one for myself. They are exquisite, each one attuned to the individual created from the Divine through her loving soul and gifted hands.”

“I knew my Twin Soul/Flame was in need of healing as many are currently, so I contacted her with my desire to have one created with that theme as the foundation. She attunes to you and your Angels and is able to create the perfect sculpture. Not knowing what to expect, I was completely in awe of the first picture she emailed as it was drying waiting to go into the kiln. She somehow managed to weave two Angels together into one!”

“The healing of my feminine and masculine energies could actually be felt the moment it was made. I live in Canada, so she wanted to make sure it was completely finished before sending it overseas. Cathelijne also took great care in making sure this sculpture was wrapped and packaged for the long trip surrounded with the protection of Archangel Michael. It was well worth the wait because the day it arrived was the eve of my Birthday. The next morning I opened the box and there they were, just stunning and in one piece. To see, hold and feel the energies in my hands, brought pure joy and gratitude to my heart. They sit on my temporary altar sending me comfort, protection and healing continuously. These two healing angels who are one will be treasured always…”


Testimonial about the Dragon Oracle

“Greetings Cathelijne, Received my beautiful Dragon Oracle cards. Took ten days from the date of postmark. The booklet included is concise and very helpful.”

“Followed your suggestions on before doing a reading. My first reading was 3 cards and was so spot on! Thank you for creating these powerful and loving cards…being open to what the Dragons want us to know…truly a gift for all.”

~ Shellee

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